Worm Gears


Worm Gears

Here are the worm gear units available from Renold Gears.

  • jPM Series

jPM Series

Worm gear unit with torque capacities of up to 520Nm and a ratio range of 5:1 to 70:1.

  • PM Series PH Type

PM Series PH Type

Helical-worm gear unit available in six unit sizes up to 45kW capacity.

  • PM Series PW Type

PM Series PW Type

Worm gear unit available as a single reduction unit up to 70:1 ratio with a power capacity of up to 45kW.

  • WM Series

WM Series

The WormMaster unit, available as a single or double reduction unit.

  • TW Series

TW Series

Heavy duty worm gear unit for arduous applications.