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Power Generation Couplings


Whether your requirement is for standby emergency power, peak loping or main power generation, failure of the critical link between the diesel engine and the generator is not an option.

Renold Hi-Tec Couplings has experience in the field of coupling application for power generation that is second to none. The robust, dependable nature of the couplings makes them the best coupling for diesel-powered generators in the world.  Our comprehensive range of products offers solutions from 10kW to 20MW.

  • RB


Renold Hi-Tec RB general purpose, cost effective range of couplings.

  • HTB-GS Coupling

HTB-GS Coupling

The HTB-GS, a range of flexible couplings.

  • DCB-GS


DCB-GS, a range of flexible couplings.